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Our team of specialists has been working in the area of real estate development for over twenty years. We speсialize in the development and implementation of new investment projects of residential buildings and commercial facilities. We focus on the development of modern ecologically-friendly building technologies aimed at improving the quality of life by minimizing the environmental impact and the impact on nature as a whole.

One of the primary objectives of the company “Fort de Luxe” is the implementation of the newest advanced building technologies, consistent with the principles of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency, creation of modern architectural facilities on the basis of energy, and resource and material-saving technologies.

25years of experience

Who we are?



The company “Fort de Luxe” specializes in designing, producing and building residential houses and commercial facilities made of timber elements... Read more



The monolithic foundation of the house is one of the most common types of foundation famous for its excellent performance properties. Durability means long service life compared to brick and piled foundation... Read more



Modern colours and trends in the interior of the house reflect the cultural desire of people. Other considerations are to support each other and protect the planet, to obtain harmony in life and not to spend too much money... Read more


Comfort of life

We offer not merely houses, but a comfortable and reliable environment. Selecting plots of land, planning and creating houses, we focus on harmonization, comfort and reliability of the environment... Read more


Environmental friendliness

An environmentally-safe house is not merely a house made from eco-friendly materials that do NOT HARM the health of the people who live there — this is a house that is comfortable, and in every respect, “enjoyable” for living... Read more


Energy Efficiency

High-performance heat insulation properties of timber are internationally known; wooden walls securely protect both from cold and heat. In addition, modern solid timber panels possess undeniable advantages... Read more



The manufacturing technology of Massiv-Holz-Mauer and Cross Laminated Timber panels classifies them as low-combustible materials. Firstly, the high threshold of fire-resistance of the panels is secured by their solidness... Read more


Landscape design

Creation of the garden is preceded by thorough research of the land plot and its vegetation (soil analysis, detection of the level of the ground water occurrence, assessment of phytosanitary condition, examination of the existing vegetation)... Read more